An Indian-born Spanish Author, Columnist and Filmmaker


Roshan Bhondekar is an Indian-born Spanish author, columnist and film maker of award winning short films, known for his non-fiction book ‘Love-The Key to Optimism, noticed by John C. Maxwell – New York Times bestselling author and mentioned in his book ‘No Limits’. 

As a filmmaker he is known for award winning short films, The Shoes (2019) and Hausla Aur Raste (2018). 

Roshan Bhondekar is the Founder & CEO of Transcontinental Times an International Electronic Media House registered in European Union and in Spain.  

His mission is to motivate & inspire people through writing and film making.

Bhondekar worked for Electronic Data Systems at their India office as a Software Engineer for nearly three plus years and wrote Love – The Key to Optimism while he was in India. He then moved to Spain in 2018 to focus full-time on his writing & film making career while working with IT Multi national company. 

Bhondekar holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology from the Government College of Engineering, Karad – Maharashtra – India (2008). He has further acquired a cutting edge to his academic profile by completing EDP (Entrepreneurship & Designing in Projects) from IIT, Kanpur in 2010, and a full time Project Management (MDP) classroom program from IIM, Ahmadabad in 2012. 

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Bhondekar’s mission is to motivate & inspire people through writing and film making.

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